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Little Response from Anonymous to ISIS’ Threat

Surprisingly there has been little reaction from members of Anonymous to the threats made against them by ISIS.  If ISIS did manage to scare any of Anonymous’ followers they are reluctant to show it in their communications online.  Some members of Anonymous have even go so far as to tweet out the threats while openly laughing about it.  In some communications members of Anonymous have been willing to recognize that the addition of AnonGhost to ISIS does add a sense of credibility to ISIS but have also questioned if ISIS infrastructure can support anything substantial anymore.  Others have chosen to try and enlist more assistance in their fight against ISIS online presence by tweeting to the US Army and provide instructions on recognizing and reporting ISIS accounts on Twitter.  Unfortunately for them those tweets will likely go ignored as the account they included was a PR account for the Army and is in no way tied to the US Cyber Command.  Over the coming days and weeks we will likely begin to see increased coordination among Anonymous members to bolster their efforts in their OpISIS campaign.