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LulzSec Member Calls Out Anonymous Supporters for Being Unethical

LulzSec has called out members of Anonymous for what they believe is unethical practices.  Anonymous is well known for Doxing those involved in whatever they perceive as wrong doings, it appears though that this time LulzSec feels that they have gone too far.  They specifically called out one member for threatening people’s children by posting their information in a Dox.  LulzSec then called on all members of Anonymous and the rest of the hacktivist community to put a stop to this kind of “below the belt” attack and find other ways.  It is not uncommon for a small amount of in-fighting and disagreement to take place in the hacktivist community from time to time.  Most of the time it is within the same groups that the fighting takes place and not between groups.  LulzSec and Anonymous have worked together on a number of operations and cooperated closely with each other.

Analyst Notes

While LulzSec does not approve of the actions being taken by one member of Anonymous, this will likely not change the way the two groups cooperate.