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Major Router Brands Could be Vulnerable

August 23, 2018

TheBestVPN discovered vulnerabilities in some of the more popular routers available on the market. Specifically, Netgear models DGN2200 and DGN2200M, Dlink DIR-300, and ZTE F660 were found to have software flaws. Although firmware has been developed to counter these vulnerabilities, many users are unaware and still leave themselves as eligible candidates for these types of attacks. Malicious access to these accounts could lead to a complete takeover of the router, and the process is relatively straightforward. Cybercriminals attempting this action create a page using  HTML or JavaScript and when a user accesses the page, the personal data can be exploited due to external functionalities being launched. In light of this situation, researchers are advising a patch of these routers and also calling for the use of a VPN.