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MalwareBytes Warns of “I Accidentally Reported You” Steam Scam

In a report published by Malwarebytes, analysts are warning Steam users about an ongoing scam that starts with messages claiming to have accidentally reported the targeted person’s Steam account as a scammer. The scammer then asks the steam user to send their account information to a supposed “Steam Admin,” who will remove the report and not ban them. These scams use various profiles, along with fake “Steam admin certification” images to confirm that the admins are who they say they are. Once in contact with the “admin”, victims are persuaded to give up their email address tied to the account, along with a steam guard password, which allows the scammer to take over the account.

Analyst Notes

As this scam involves the victim taking many steps on their own to get their account “unbanned”, Binary Defense recommends victims never send Steam information to people claiming to be “Steam Admins”. Victims should especially never send their Steam Guard codes to anyone. Steam Guard codes should be treated like passwords.