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Massive Cache of Stolen Russian Data Released

DDoSecrets: A group claiming to be “transparency advocates” have posted a substantial amount of stolen Russian files.  While the size of the breach is not nearly as large as that of the Russian breach of U.S. data during the 2016 election, it is still a rough blow for the Russian government.  The material involves information on Russia’s operation in Ukraine, links between the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church, and business dealings between Russian oligarchs, and much more.  The dump contains 175 Gb of data, making it difficult to assess the full scope of just how damaging the dump will be and it may be some time before all of the data is able to be fully analyzed.  According to the group, DDoSecret, who posted the data, they wanted to make public “the dark side of the Kremlin.”  Without blatantly saying that they are anti-Russian, they heavily implied that they would be primarily targeting the Russian government.

Analyst Notes

While the group has made no indications of any further data dumps, it is likely that after this level of success they will carry out further attacks targeting the Russian government, as well as Russian businesses and probably businesses which have heavy dealings in Russia.