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Maze Ransomware Operators Leak More Stolen Data

The Maze Ransomware operators have kept their promise to leak data after not collecting their ransom payments. Medical Diagnostics Laboratories (MDLab) was reported to be infected on December 2nd, 2019 and they have refused to pay the 200 Bitcoin ransom (approximately 1.7 million dollars). Now the ransomware operators have released close to 9.5 GB of stolen data on online forums. The threat actor has also released data from Southwire, a wire and cable manufacturer after they also refused to pay the ransom.

Analyst Notes

Not only are the attackers requiring the victim to pay for the decryption keys, but they are also now requiring further payments for data destruction and expecting the victim to trust that their data was destroyed. The best defense against this type of attack is through early detection. Utilizing services like the Binary Defense Security Operations Center (SOC) that have the capability to monitor endpoints, detect incoming infections and stop them before they have the opportunity to do significant damage can prevent extremely costly infections.

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