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Meta: Hacking Group Used Facebook to Target Ukrainian Officials and Military Personnel

A Belarusian-linked hacking group known as UNC1151 or Ghostwriter used Facebook (now known as Meta) to target public figures in Ukraine and military personnel. The announcement from security officials at Meta said that they “detected attempts to target people on Facebook to post YouTube videos portraying Ukrainian troops as weak and surrendering to Russia.” Meta also blocked phishing domains used by hackers across its social media platforms. The targeted accounts were secured, and the users were alerted about the hacking attempts.

Analyst Notes

The Ukraine Computer Emergency Response Team warned about spear phishing attacks targeting the Ukrainian military, which Meta confirmed. Another warning about phishing attacks was confirmed by the Ukrainian State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection. Also, an Internet security firm in Slovakia alerted about phishing websites that look like donation organizations helping Ukraine during the war. Before the invasion, the Ukrainian Security Service warned of an ongoing massive wave of hybrid warfare to spread fear in the Ukrainian society. Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov created an organization for fighting in the cyberwar.