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Mistakes At The Pentagon Leave Designs Vulnerable

A report from the Department of Defense (DoD) Inspector General has revealed that the Pentagon failed to secure different 3D printed military designs. These include blueprints for protective body armor, tactical vehicle gear, weapons systems brackets and prosthetic body parts. If these designs aren’t secured properly, it could open the door for attackers to be able to access them, make changes, and compromise the network as well. The Pentagon claims the systems were miscategorized and they were unaware they were connected to the internet, this caused them to skip risk assessment checks, which are otherwise required.

Analyst Notes

The DoD has requested that all computer operating systems are updated to the most recent versions. It’s also important to make sure when storing important data or designs that they are properly secured and stored in the correct place. Part of the issue here is many individuals did not understand how the printers worked and didn’t consider them as needing attention when it came to cybersecurity. Improved security controls will likely be put in place in the near future.

Pentagon office left military designs for body armor, vehicle gear open to hackers, watchdog finds