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More Nations Begin to Put Russia on Notice

The United States Department of Justice announced yesterday the indictment of seven Russian spies for their part in Russian cyber-operations.  This announcement closely followed a similar statement made at the Hague by the British ambassador, a statement made by Dutch Officials, and a public statement made by the Australian government.  The Director of Cybercrimes for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stood alongside members of the FBI and Department of Justice during their announcement of the indictment and announced that the Canadian government is not only in support of the U.S. governments announcement, but that they would also be launching their own investigations into Russian cyber-operations as well.  It is unlikely that the statements made by the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or the Netherlands will do much to deter Russian cyber-operations but have put Russia on notice that the rest of the world is getting fed up with their brazen attempts to steal information and influence world events.