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Multiple Attacks Take Place Against French Institutions in the Name of OpIcarus

Members of Anonymous from around the world participated in cyber-attacks on a number of French government institutions throughout the weekend as violence and unrest was rampant throughout the streets of Paris.   Anons targeted several government websites with heavy DDoS attacks, including the main pages for the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defense, and the National Agency for Information Systems.  The group also breached a number of servers belonging to the Ministry of Defense and dumped a number of documents through four different leaks.  The leaks have been taken offline a number of times throughout the weekend but have managed to pop back up in various locations as Anonymous’ network of supporters continue to repost the information.  Many of the attacks have been taking place under a number of banners such as OpFrance and #YellowVests, which show support to the French protesters.  A large number of the attacks though also used the banner of OpIcarus, which has traditionally been focused on Financial institutions, stock exchanges, and the Rothschild family. However no financial institutions appear to have been attacked over the weekend–at least not successfully.

Analyst Notes

A number of the messages of support for the operation continue to be posted with OpIcarus attached to it, so it is possible that financial institutions could still be targeted as they were over last week as long as the support for French protesters continues.