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Multiple Tasmania Casinos Affected in Ransomware Attack

Two out of the four casinos that are located on the Australian island of Tasmania have been affected by a ransomware attack. The attack targeted the sole casino operator in Australia, Federal Group. Hotel booking, websites, and slot machines were all affected by the attack. Federal group has launched an investigation into the attack but has not released many details thus far. At this time, they have not stated whether or not customer data was accessed by the attackers. According to ABC news, there is a high possibility that credit card data used by customers for historic transactions was accessed by the attackers. Federal group has contained the attack and is working on finding out if any data was stolen.

Analyst Notes

The type of ransomware used in this attack was not disclosed, but with many ransomware groups moving towards data leak websites to blackmail companies into paying a ransom, it is possible that some data was stolen in the attack. Anyone who had transactions at the affected casinos should watch their cards for any fraudulent transactions and wait to see if they were compromised. If they were compromised, the cards should be canceled and new ones issued. Utilizing a monitoring service such as Binary Defense’s Managed Detection and Response to monitor endpoints and look for abnormal activity can stop attacks quickly.

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