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Nestlè Data Leaked by Anonymous

The Anonymous hacktivist group is back in the news again this week. This time, they’ve gone after one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. The group is believed to have obtained around 10 GB of data from Nestlè, and is now leaking the data online. Nestlè had recently met with the Ukranian Prime Minister, who attempted to convince the company to withdraw their business dealings in Russia. Anonymous attacked the company when they decided to keep doing business there. Furthermore, Anonymous has plans to continue exposing data of those who continue to carry out business in Russia. Some of those companies include Hayatt, BBDO, Raiffeisen Bank, IPG, Cloudflare, and Citrix Systems. Companies are being given 48 hours to make an announcement vowing to withdraw from the country or else they will have their data leaked.

Analyst Notes

It is apparent Anonymous is not slowing down anytime soon. Companies should take proactive measures to prevent attacks from happening regardless of their status. Ensuring endpoints are protected, having well-trained staff, regularly updating software, and creating offline backups of important data are just some of the many steps companies can take to lessen the likelihood of attacks occurring.