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North Korea Agrees to Talk to US Again, Then Tests Another Ballistic Missile

North Korea: A day after a North Korean official stated that they would begin talking with President Trump on denuclearization, North Korea proceeded to test launch a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). According to South Korean officials, the missile is designed to be launched from a submarine, but in this case, it was done so from an underwater storage facility. This is the most advanced missile that the North has tested since talks began with President Trump about denuclearization. Current UN sanctions only forbid North Korea from testing long-range missiles, which none of the most recent tests consisted of. While the SLBM was being launched, it split into two with one half ending up in the exclusive economic zone for Japan in the East Sea. Japan is calling for action to be taken against North Korea for this test, stating that it is against the previously set UN sanctions. South Korea has remained on alert for any type of conflict to break out between North and South Korea, but now Japan has started to become alarmed as well because of the proximity of the most recent test. This particular SLBM is also designed to carry a nuclear warhead, not easing Japan’s worries.

Analyst Notes

North Korea has constantly been playing games when it comes to talking about denuclearization. It has become a trend on their part every time talks are to resume; they will carry out some type of test as a way to show off to the world that they cannot be controlled.