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OpAssange Claims Unexpected Victim in Brazil for Reasons Unknown

Anonymous (OpAssange): A data dump went out on PasteBin last week in support of the OpAssange campaign which exposed sensitive data of an unlikely victim.  DemonSad, a member of NewSec, which is an offshoot of Anonymous, claimed to be supporting OpAssange when he posted leaked data from a Brazilian organization.  The dump included administrative logins, emails, and password hashes.  The servers belonged to the Brazilian city of Aquidauana’s City Hall.  The city of Aqauana, let alone Brazil, have no ties to the Assange arrest, trial, or possible extradition.  DemonSad gave no explanation for the attack, nor does there appear to be any logical reason for the attack.

Analyst Notes

Aside from this attack, there have been no attacks during the OpAssange campaign which have targeted nations other than those with direct ties to the Assange case meaning that this is probably an isolated incident.