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OpIcarus Appears to be Moving to America After Weeks of Talk

After several weeks of discussions and attacks in support of OpIcarus, it appears that attacks in support of OpIcarus may be moving to the United States.  Up to this point the only threats to U.S. financial institutions have come in discussions of targeting U.S. banks, but no real actions were ever taken. The closest any U.S. financial institutions came to being attacked was when an old target list was shared in the early stages of OpIcarus, which contained a number of Federal Reserve banks as well as several U.S. banks that appear on the list of the 10 largest banks in the world.  Over the evening, reconnaissance activity was carried out against what Anonymous claimed were four U.S. financial institutions. In reality though it was not. Two were U.S. financial institutions, one is actually the Central Bank of Gambia (whose website is hosted in the U.S.) and one was a humanitarian organization that has the misfortune of having a name that sounds vaguely like a financial institution.  At this time no one has taken any other action against any of the named organizations.

Analyst Notes

It is possible that none of the named organizations will be attacked and that others will be targeted instead. The definitive listing of “U.S. financial institutions” by Anonymous does make it much more probable that an attack will take place as actions like these tend to inspire others to act on their own.