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OpIcarus Attacks and Reconnaissance Increase

Throughout the weekend, a significant amount of activity in support of the OpIcarus and YellowVests campaigns took place.  Attacks and reconnaissance activity continued throughout the weekend against government organizations and financial institutions around the world.  Reconnaissance data for 11 central banks throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia was posted online from Friday afternoon through Sunday night.  Of those 11, only one of those banks–the Central Bank of Morocco, has been attacked. One other bank was also attacked, the Bank of Iraq.  A Peruvian government website was also targeted by a website defacement as part of the YellowVests movement.  An Anonymous member also posted what they claimed to be a list of FBI Agents, as well as members of the French Police.  A review of the data revealed that it contained the contact information for over 22,000 members of the FBI and nearly 500 French Police Officers.  The post also contained the IP addresses for nearly 300 French defense and law enforcement servers, five British intelligence servers, 23 CIA servers, and 165 FBI servers. Protests in support of OpIcarus and the YellowVests movement continued around Europe and Canada over the weekend.  One protest outside of the KBC Bank Ireland got out of hand leading to doors of the bank being broken down. It has been some time since Anonymous has seen this level of support for an operation. As the yellow vest protests continue throughout the world, it is likely that attacks on banks will continue, especially in countries where the protests are taking place.  At this time, no protests have begun in the United States though there has been growing support online for protests to begin in the U.S.