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OpIcarus Briefly Shifts Focus from France to Banks Before Return to Government Targeting

A very active member of the Anonymous collective who has been highly focused on the OpIcarus campaign, Lorian Synaro, carried out yet another DDoS attack.  The target this time was one of the largest banks in the world, The China Construction Bank.  The China Construction Bank has been targeted and successfully attacked repeatedly throughout the various phases of the OpIcarus campaign in the past.  This shift back to financial institutions will likely be short-lived though.  Within hours of the attack, the communications within Anonymous shifted back to government corruption and attacking “the elite.”  Members of Anonymous have begun planning protests in Greece for tomorrow outside of the Greek Parliament building.

Analyst Notes

These protests will likely be accompanied by cyber-attacks on government agencies much like the protests in France have been. This will probably not deter continued attacks in France though, as many are now claiming police brutality in the wake of the unrest in France, including videos of police brutally beating protesters.