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OpIsrael Campaign Continues Build Up in Spite of Perceived Failure

Anonymous (OpIsrael): Most of the news surrounding OpIsrael has been focused on the failure of the watering hole attack which failed to install the JCry ransomware on victims’ machines.  While attackers likely hoped that the attack would be a huge success, which would draw more attention and participation to the main portion of the campaign, this was only half right.  The attack was clearly not the success that they hoped for, but it has still drawn a significant amount of attention to the campaign and the support base is continuing to grow as we near the launch of the main campaign in spite of this failure.  As previously assessed, the return of the AnonGhost Team from their time with ISIS appears to be drawing much more capable attackers to the online crusade against Israel.

Analyst Notes

This will likely not be the last large attack, or at least attempted attack, against Israeli targets between now and the end of the main portion of the campaign.