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OpIsrael Had Both Real and Faked Successes

Anonymous (OpIsrael): As expected, the OpIsrael campaign not only took place over the weekend but saw a significant level of support from all over the world.  A number of attackers saw success with minor DDoS attacks which kept sites down from mere minutes all the way up to a 14-hour outage for one website.  Israel(dot)com was unresponsive for visitors from around the world for most of the day on Sunday after a DDoS attack left it down for 14 hours.  There was even an unconfirmed report that the main public page for Mossad was taken offline briefly by the hacktivist group.  Two attackers hoped to up the ante with direct malicious emails to high-level members of the Israeli government, especially within the Prime Minister’s office.  The pair posted a listing of hundreds of emails for those in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The pair were hoping that others would be inspired to send malicious emails to the exposed addresses, although there are no indications that anyone took the opportunity.  The claim from OpIsrael getting the most attention though is the claim that the voter registration database was breached.  The claim came from a hacker known as Th3Falcon, who is a member of AnonGhost.  Th3Falcon claimed to have stolen the information for six million registered voters and even posted screenshots of some of the data.  Some were quick to point out however, that the phone numbers started with 06, which was done away with nearly 20 years ago.  The government has launched an investigation into the claims but has stated that at this time there are no indications that anyone compromised their systems.

Analyst Notes

The data posted by Th3Falcon likely came from a breach of voter data from 2006, which took place when an employee copied the data and took it home which eventually led to it being posted publicly.