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Point-of-Sale Systems Breached Affecting Hy-Vee

The supermarket chain Hy-Vee noticed unusual activity on some of its PoS systems used at their fuel stations and drive-thru coffee shops. Once this activity was detected, Hy-Vee employed investigative firms to look into the breach. Thankfully they noticed that none of their grocery stores, drugstores, or convenience stores were affected due to the fact that the PoS systems at those locations are different and use point-to-point encryption technology to process payments. It should be noted that other businesses that are partnered with Hy-Vee, such as Market Grilles, Market Grille Express, and some Wahlburger locations were affected as well. Steps have been taken on Hy-Vee’s part to mitigate the issue and law enforcement has been notified. More information should be released as the investigation continues.

Analyst Notes

Users that make purchases at Hy-Vee locations should continuously monitor their accounts for any unusual transactions. If an unauthorized charge is noticed, users should contact their bank of financial institution and report it immediately.