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Protests Over Carbon Tax in France Could Spark the Start of Attacks for OpIcarus

Members of Anonymous in both the United States and throughout Europe have been rallying around the “Yellowvests” in France who have been protesting the government’s new carbon tax.  The tax is intended to help lower carbon emissions by taxing gasoline purchases heavily.  The tax is so steep that many feel it to be an attack on the middle and lower class by making it more difficult for them to afford driving a car and has many taking to the streets in protest.  French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a hard line on the tax and is refusing to budge on his decision. However French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has publicly stated that the tax will be suspended for six months stating that “no tax is worth putting in danger the unity of the nation.”  This has not stopped Anonymous from picking up the situation as a reason for their “delete the elite” and OpIcarus campaigns.  A number of Anonymous members have been posting online in support of the “Yellowvests,” while including tags for both of the campaigns.  No organizations have been named as targets for either campaign yet, however the risk of “drive by” attacks against financial institutions, especially in France, is higher as long as the carbon tax continues to be at the front of people’s minds.