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Ransomware Attack Affects St. John’s Ambulance

One of the world leaders in first aid charity, St. John Ambulance, noticed an infection on July 2nd 2019. Information obtained was from individuals who had signed up for an account, booked, or attended an ambulance training course through February of 2019. The information included names of those who booked and attended the course, course details, contact information, costs, invoicing details, and driver’s license data. Fortunately, no credit or debit card information was accessed. Initially, access was temporarily blocked from the affected system and St. John’s has contacted the proper entities to make them aware of the situation. A spokesperson for St. John’s said, “We work as hard as we can to protect our data systems from these types of attacks and employ a range of third party partners and cyber-crime solutions to continually update our protection.”

Analyst Notes

Users that may have been affected in this attack should watch for any activity that may be unusual in association with the information that was accessed. Since email or credit information was not included, it is likely that spam or fraud attempts will be low, but users should still pay attention and wait for updates or new developments from St. Johns.