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Ransomware Attack Caused Cheese Shortage at Supermarket Chains in the Netherlands

Dutch warehousing and conditioned transport company Bakker Logistiek faced disruptions to operations after systems were encrypted by ransomware last week. As one of the largest logistics services in the Netherlands, the disruption caused shortages of various food products across Dutch supermarket chains such as Albert Heijn. A shortage of cheese especially at the supermarket chain caused empty shelves and notices posted in-store and online, alerting customers of the limited availability.

Bakker director Toon Verhoeven has since told Dutch news outlet NOS that “all IT systems are working again” and that they are currently working with customers to resume deliveries. While Verhoeven did not specify the ransomware family involved, he believes the attack is linked to the recent Microsoft Exchange “ProxyLogon” vulnerabilities. Bakker Logistiek has filed a report with law enforcement, and they are now focused on resuming operations.

Analyst Notes

Binary Defense strongly recommends all administrators patch Exchange servers if they have not already done so. Microsoft has released the “One-Click Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tool” to make it as easy as possible. Binary Defense also highly recommends that all organizations follow guidance in the CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency) and NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) ransomware guides. These guides contain detailed information for small and large businesses alike, describing how to backup and protect data, creating incident response plans and more.