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Recent Violence in Israel Sparks More Support for OpIsrael

Anonymous (OpIsrael): Violence erupted in Israel last night when members of Hamas launched a successful rocket attack on Tel Aviv for the first time since 2014.  Israel retaliated this morning with airstrikes on approximately 100 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.  Many opponents of Israel have taken to social media to criticize Israel for their “terrorist tactics.”  This has also led to a number of supporters for OpIsrael to begin calling for a start to the operation with massive attacks on the Israeli government as well as critical infrastructure within Israel.  The majority of the current conversations around OpIsrael are very emotionally-charged, making it difficult to determine how likely it is that a successful attack will take place in the near term, although there will no doubt be some attempts.

Analyst Notes

With the constantly growing support for this year’s OpIsrael campaign, this will probably mark one of the biggest years for Anonymous’ ongoing operation.