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RedLine Malware Increasingly Being Used to Steal Passwords Online

Recent analysis reveals that the RedLine malware strain is being distributed online for a sale price of around $200. This strain of malware is known for stealing information stored on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Opera and is popular because its ease of use. The dangers of storing information within browsers greatly outweighs its convenience, specifically password storage. In some cases, RedLine has been able to bypass anti-malware solutions and access the “Login Data” file used on all Chromium web browsers. The popularity of Redline continues to rise as analysts revealed criminals obtained nearly half of the data on the 2easy criminal marketplace using the malware.

Analyst Notes

Threat researchers advise against using a browser to store passwords. Instead of using this feature, it is safer and just as convenient to use a password manager. These tools encrypt and protect passwords and only require users to remember one master password. Individuals and organizations can also create rules within the web browser that require users to manually input passwords on sites that contain sensitive information. Also, threat researchers strongly recommend multi-factor authentication whenever it is available.