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Report Shows Majority of Organizations Are at Risk of a Cyber Attack

Cyber-attacks and data breaches have continued to rise over the last year. A report from Trend Micro, states 80% of global organizations are likely to be victims of a data breach that impacts customer data within the next 12 months. The report measures the gap between respondents’ cybersecurity preparedness versus their likelihood of being attacked. In the first half of 2021, the report surveyed more than 3,600 organizations across the globe. The report identified Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, ransomware, and phishing attacks as the greatest risks to organizations.

Analyst Notes

Organizations need to be proactive in improving their security posture to contend with the multiple types of cyber threats. To protect against cyber threats and data breaches, organizations should have an incident response plan in place. A detailed plan should include digital forensics response activation and notification procedures for a cyber incident. Regularly patch software and operating systems to the latest available versions. Employ best practices for use of RDP and other remote desktop services by protecting them behind a strong VPN with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and auditing any unusual login events from IP addresses or devices that are different from what the employee account normally uses. Threat actors commonly gain initial access through insecure Internet-facing remote services or phishing. Provide social engineering and phishing training to employees. Urge them not to open suspicious emails, not to click on links or open attachments contained in such emails, and to be cautious before visiting unknown websites. When an attack makes it through the outer layers of defense, it is important to have a Security Operations Center or a managed security monitoring service with expert security analysts on duty, such as the Binary Defense Security Operations Task Force. The Task Force provides a 24/7 monitoring solution of SIEM and endpoint detection systems to detect and defend from intrusions on an organization’s network.