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REvil Ransomware Gang is Back

The REvil ransomware gang has fully returned and is once again attacking new victims and publishing stolen files on a data leak site. Since 2019, the REvil ransomware operation, aka Sodinokibi, has been conducting attacks on organizations worldwide, demanding million-dollar ransoms to receive a decryption key and prevent the leaking of stolen files. While in operation, the gang has been involved in numerous attacks against well-known companies, including JBS, Coop, Travelex, GSMLaw, Kenneth Cole, Grupo Fleury, and others. REvil shut down their infrastructure and completely disappeared after a large attack on July 2nd that encrypted 60 managed service providers (MSP) and over 1,500 businesses using a zero-day vulnerability in the Kaseya VSA remote management platform. REvil then demanded $50 million for a universal decryptor for all Kaseya victims, $5 million for an MSP’s decryption, and a $44,999 ransom for individual file encryption extensions at other affected businesses. This attack had such wide-ranging consequences worldwide that international law enforcement became involved. The REvil gang suddenly shut down on July 13th, 2021, leaving many victims with no way of decrypting their files.

After the shutdown, researchers and law enforcement believed that REvil would rebrand as a new ransomware operation at some point. However, the REvil ransomware gang came back to life this week under the same name. On September 7th, almost two months after their disappearance, the Tor payment/negotiation and data leak sites suddenly turned back on and became accessible. A day later, it was once again possible to log in to the Tor payment site and negotiate with the ransomware gang. All prior victims had their timers reset, and it appeared that their ransom demands were left as they were when the ransomware gang shut down in July. However, there was no proof of new attacks until September 9th, when someone uploaded a new REvil ransomware sample compiled on September 4th to VirusTotal. Today, we have seen further proof of their renewed attacks as the ransomware gang has published screenshots of stolen data for a new victim on their data leak site.

Analyst Notes

While the REvil operational group generally targets large organizations, all are potentially susceptible to attacks. Defenders should take time to learn what’s normal in their environments and investigate abnormalities. Question your defenses. Do all users need to be able to open macro-enabled documents? Do you have endpoint visibility and protections to, at minimum, alert you to secondary infections such as QakBot? If you absolutely need RDP, are you using tokenized MFA? Routinely evaluate your overall security posture. Think like the attacker. You might be able to stop your organization from being the next victim and escape being in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

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