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Rogers Data Breach

The Canadian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Rogers Communication has started to notify customers of a data breach that exposed personal information due to an unsecured database. In the notification posted to their site, Rogers Communications stated that they learned of the exposure on February 26th, 2020 and that the personal information of their customers was exposed to the Internet. The notification stated that no financial information was leaked, but customers’ addresses, account information, email addresses, and telephone numbers were exposed.

Analyst Notes

For exposed customers, Rogers is providing a complimentary Transunion credit monitoring subscription. Affected customers should be wary of targeted phishing attacks as this information is a gold mine for attackers. Organizations that employ online databases, either hosted themselves or by a third party, should be extremely vigilant that any and all databases are secured to avoid these situations. One method of verifying proper security measures is to have routine penetration testing done that can provide valuable suggestions to better secure their information.

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