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Russell Stover Chocolate Breach

Russell Stover Chocolates LLC, a popular candy manufacturer, recently became aware of a data breach that affected credit cards that were used to make purchases at retail stores. The candy maker stated that its Point-of-Sale (POS) system was accessed maliciously through the use of malware. The company stated that the malware was running between February 9th and August 7th and acquired customer payment data, first and last names, payment card numbers, and expiration dates. The company stated that at the time of the announcement, the stolen information was used improperly. Upon learning of the data breach, the company immediately initiated an investigation that included cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. Russell Stover was able to stop and eradicate the malware from its systems. The statement from the company can be found at The company apologized for the incident and stated that it is working to strengthen their security measures and plans to provide enhanced training for their employees.

Analyst Notes

It is always a prudent measure for individuals to be vigilant and monitor their credit card statements for unauthorized activity and to report the activity to their bank or financial institution as soon as found. Most financial instructions do not hold the account holder liable if malicious charges are present.