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Senate Considers Legislation to Expand Continuous Diagnostic and Monitoring Program

The US Senate is considering a bill to codify and expand the Homeland Security Department’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program which assists federal agencies in monitoring and defending their networks. The Advancing Cybersecurity Through Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Act has bipartisan support; the bill would make the CDM program permanent and fund a pilot program to expand the cyberattack alarm system implemented by the CDM to state and local governments.

Analyst Notes

A number of cybersecurity measures have been passed quickly with bipartisan support, due to prioritization by the Biden administration and recent geopolitical tensions. The regulatory landscape is quickly changing in terms of compliance, particularly in regards to reporting requirements. If the bill passes the Senate, it is expected to be quickly passed by the House and signed into law. Homeland Security’s expanded CDM program may be interpreted and codified to set a standard to impose new regulatory requirements on federal suppliers and contractors as well as state and local contractors, as is often the case with such legislation.