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Server Used by Mexican Government Hacked Leaving Sensitive Documents Exposed

A vulnerable server containing over 4,800 documents was compromised by a hacker who uses the handle @0x55Taylor. The server was used at Mexico’s Embassy in Guatemala and the information that was accessed got posted online by the hacker after all the documents and databases were downloaded. Internal workings of the agency as well as diplomatic activities such as the issuing of travel documents, recognition of births and deaths, and dealing with citizens of Mexico that were jailed were accessed. More than a thousand confidential documents such as passports, visas, birth certificates, and payment information were also compromised. Files that pertained to the staff such as medical expenses, vacations, vehicle certificates and time off were also included. Mexican authorities have declined to comment on the matter but have assured that they are taking the breach seriously.

Analyst Notes

Although the documents have been removed from the cloud hosting service that they were posted on, they very well could have been downloaded by others for nefarious purposes. Since those purposes are unknown at this time, it is hard to tell what may happen. Users who may have been affected should be readily waiting for comment by the Mexican authorities. Users can reach out to Mexican authorities for suggestions on how they should move forward.