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Severe Risk of Disruption and Cyber-Attack for Assets in India and Pakistan

India/Pakistan: Border regions in India and Pakistan have been put on high alert and significant disruptions to civilians are expected. After Pakistan discussed its reluctance for a further escalation of force yesterday, they chose to carry out a strike on the Indian side of the line of control.  India scrambled fighters to confront the Pakistani forces which resulted in the shooting down one of the Indian MiG-21 fighters.  Pakistani forces arrested the Indian pilot and are currently holding him in Pakistan.  While Pakistan is wishing to begin talks, India is being reluctant to do so and is preparing the border regions for conflict.  In any conflict, disruptions to civilian life can be intense and far reaching.  The significant role that India plays in supporting the I.T. industry makes this significantly troubling.

Analyst Notes

Any further escalation in conflict and disruption to civilian life within India would likely have far-reaching impacts on corporations around the world who do business in India. As the conflict intensifies between the two nations, the probability of cyber-attacks by pro-Indian and pro-Pakistani hackers against organizations on either side of the border increases.