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Six Individuals Arrested in Connection With Bank of Valletta Breach

Late last week, Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested six individuals in Belfast and London who are believed to be connected to laundering money stolen during a cyber-attack against the Bank of Valletta. Last February, hackers attempted to withdraw a total of 13 million Euros ($14.7 million USD). Stolen funds were sent through a network of accounts throughout the world, including the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Britain, and the US. A joint investigation carried out by law enforcement officials from the NCA and the Malta Police Force Economic Crime Unit focused on the members of a group of money launderers they believed were responsible for assisting the hackers with moving the funds. While it is believed that these individuals were working on behalf of the organized crime unit involved in the cyber-attack on the Bank of Valletta, officials did not state whether they were involved in the cyber-attack.

Analyst Notes

In cases like this where major cyber-crimes cross borders, multinational coordination is vital. Law enforcement agencies and private industry each have their own piece of the puzzle and their own abilities, which are extremely important to bring together in cases like this one. The greatest chance at a good outcome in a case like this is by working together and sharing valuable information to cripple cyber-criminals’ abilities to operate freely. More information on these arrests can be found at: