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Some Anons Not Willing to Let OpIcarus Just Die

OpIcarus has been slowly limping along to an agonizing death for the last week to week and a half but some supporters of Anonymous won’t let it die. Support for the OpIcarus campaign has been decreasing since the departure of LorianSynaro from the operation.  Very few within Anonymous IRCs are even still discussing the campaign, much other than random comments about attacking banks in general with no one really looking to put much effort into it.  JTSEC33 has been posting reconnaissance data for potential targets throughout this phase of OpIcarus, but that too has been on a steady decline.  There is still a very small pocket of Anonymous supporters on Twitter who are still hoping to see more from the campaign, though they likely lack the ability or motivation to carry out an attack themselves.  One user who has been vocal in their support and desire to see more from OpIcarus has shown little contribution to the campaign aside from a weak attempt to reinvigorate Anons with a new “call to action” by notifying their followers that “OpIcarus 2019” was “engaged” with a new playlist of techno music for them to hack to.

Analyst Notes

It is unlikely that this will do much of anything to reinvigorate and motivate members of Anonymous to continue the dying operation in the near term. If anything more is seen from OpIcarus it probably will not be till later in the year unless a significant catalyst event motivates Anonymous to revisit the operation sooner.