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Spyware App Responsible for Exposing Over 100,000 Images and Audio Files

The app remains unnamed at this time, but it has released nearly 16GB of images and 3.7GB of MP3 files. All of these files are believed to be of a sensitive and personal nature. The database was believed to have been discovered earlier this year and it has been online for the past six weeks. It is not only releasing the content that was previously documented, but it is also being continuously updated when new content is uploaded. The URL for the database was found within the source code of the app, which was easy to locate. A total for the number of affected users has not yet been released, however, the company and GoDaddy have both been notified since the issue was discovered. Spyware companies have been seen more and more when talking about leaking data. Twelve different apps over the course of two years have been cited for releasing personal information from its users. These include Retina-X, FlexiSpy, Mobislealth, Spy Master Pro, SpyHuman, Spyfone, TheTruthSpy, Family Orbit, mSpy, Copy9, and Xnore.

Analyst Notes

In the case, the data being released is not something that a user can control. Until the company that owns the spyware app comes up with a solution there is not much a user can do. In the meantime, uploading images, audio files, and any other personal information should be suspended until a fix has been made.