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Steelite is the Most Recent Victim of Cyber Attack

Cybercriminals have targeted Steelite International from Stoke-on-Trent, UK. The payroll system was affected after their servers were encrypted and a ransom was demanded. A computer in a remote location believed to be outside of the UK discovered the weakness which led to the key files being encrypted. The attackers requested 79 Bitcoin at 2,500 pounds apiece, but Steelite has yet to respond to the demand. Local police and the National Cyber Security Center have been notified, as well as the staff of the company. Luckily enough the IT team has restructured the server specifically, so the employees would still be able to receive their paychecks. Security measures have also been enhanced in an attempt to prevent attacks of this nature in the future.


Analyst Notes

Since payroll was believed to have been affected in this attack, users are recommended to pay specific attention to suspicious and fraudulent bank account activity. Victims should also contact credit bureaus.