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Tensions Rise Between India and Pakistan Putting Indian Organizations at Risk

India/Pakistan: Following the continued escalation in tension between India and Pakistan, as well as the significant number of cyber-attacks on Pakistani entities by Indian hackers, the Pakistani Prime Minster called out the Indian government.  Following the February 14th suicide attack in Kashmir, the Indian government was very vocal that Pakistan was to blame for their support of extremist groups in the region.  In his statement, Pakistani Prime Minister called for India to show proof of Pakistan’s involvement in the attack or stop blaming them.  He goes on to claim that Pakistan had nothing to gain from the attack and that Pakistan has been actively attempting to eradicate terrorism within its borders.

Analyst Notes

With Pakistan going on the defensive and having suffered so many cyber-attacks in retaliation, it is likely that pro-Pakistani hacker groups will begin to target Indian organizations in retaliation. As with previous dust ups between the two nations, government and military assets will probably be the first things targeted but there is an increased risk of attack to local government and businesses in India as they have been the target of Pakistani hackers in the past during times like these.