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The Guardian Media Group Hit by Ransomware Attack

The Guardian has suffered an apparent ransomware attack according to multiple sources. According to reports, the incident affected “behind-the-scenes services” and caused employees to be sent home to work remotely for the time being. At this time, no impact to online publishing services has been noticed. The Guardian’s CEO Anna Bateson and editor-in-chief Katharine Viner released a joint publication stating, “As everyone knows, there has been a serious incident which has affected our IT network and systems in the past 24 hours. We believe this to be a ransomware attack but are continuing to consider all possibilities.” At this time, it is not known if sensitive information was obtained by the threat actors responsible for the attack.

Analyst Notes

Companies looking to defend against ransomware should consider adopting a defense-in-depth strategy. Network segmentation, backups, regular patching, and vulnerability assessments are just a few of the measures that should be taken when attempting to lessen the likelihood of an attack. Promoting healthy cyber habits within a company is also crucial.