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The Mafia Project

A hacker going by the name, The Mafia Project, who was previously known as Your Anon Mafia, has carried out an attack under the OpIsrael banner.  OpIsrael has traditionally taken place on April 7th, with some attacks happening in the days leading up to and immediately following the 7th.  A posting from last night called out that they were late in jumping in for OpIsrael with their attack on, a joke-sharing site hosted in Israel.  The Mafia Project then posted usernames, MD5 hashed passwords, and emails to Zerobin.  They also included a link to an MD5 decrypter for users to access the passwords.   The Mafia Project showed no indications that they were planning to participate in OpIsrael prior to this.  It is likely that this was a target of opportunity and The Mafia Project chose to call it a part of OpIsrael in an attempt to add some legitimacy to the attack.