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Thedarkoverlord Makes First Statement Since May

Thedarkoverlord has made their first statement since the arrest of one of their members by Serbian authorities on May 17th of this year.  In a statement made on Pastebin, the group claims that Google has been releasing information to U.S. law enforcement without a warrant.  The group claims that Google sent documentation to law enforcement that allows them to request information about a user’s online activity without even providing a warrant.  They then go on to claim that they have a large amount of documentation which could be damaging to a number of U.S. agencies, but say they have not decided whether to release the info or attempt to use it to extort the U.S. government.

Analyst Notes

The group has been quiet for some time now and it is possible that this is not actually thedarkoverlord. Over the past several years there have been multiple instances where after a successful and highly publicized group has gone dark and another user, or group, have attempted to extort organizations or individuals by threatening attacks under the name of a more well-known and successful group.