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TheHackerGiraffe Becomes a Bit of an Enigma

TheHackerGiraffe gained notoriety after sending messages to approximately 50,000 printers in support of a YouTube star.  This would lead many to look at TheHackerGiraffe as a threat actor, or blackhat hacker, however recent statements indicate he may not view himself this way.  Following the printer attack, another user began to post online about offering to send messages to printers for money as a “Guerrilla Marketing Campaign.” While many would have expected that TheHackerGiraffe was involved or would support this idea, he clearly was not a fan.  TheHackerGiraffe went on a rant about how doing things like that are wrong and that hacking should be used for improving security and helping people.  He even went as far as to say that he views himself as a member of the cybersec (infosec) community.  This is very similar to the Group OurMine who would breach people’s accounts and then try to get their victims to pay for help with their security.