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Tor Makes Onion Browser Trial Available for Android Users

In many countries around the world, the general population faces impending restrictions on internet access, and many rely on their mobile device as the source for browsing. A report from late 2017 by comSource and Statista found that 70 percent of users in India, and 67 percent in Indonesia obtained access to the web through their mobile devices.  Tor claims that the recently released Android version of their Onion browser is on par with the security parameters they have in place for the desktop version. Of course, many would fancy a wired desktop connection, but the lack of structure and economy restricts providing those services to civilian homes. Using the mobile Tor browser gives peace of mind to anyone browsing in heavily-censored and surveyed areas. Net traffic is relayed and encrypted three times on the Tor network that runs through thousands of volunteer-operated Tor relays. On top of security from tracking and removing cookies automatically after browsing, Tor also strives to make all users appear the same to prevent fingerprinting that is normally achieved through viewing device and browser information. Developers are asking for feedback on bugs and flaws within the app since this is their first attempt. A specific date has not been given, but the stable release is set for early 2019.