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Town of Midland Decides to Pay Ransom

The town of Midland, Ontario has decided to pay the ransom to unlock multiple files and applications within their networks. Earlier this week, the town fell victim to a cyber-attack which left part of their system inaccessible and locked down by the attackers. The attackers contacted the town and informed them that they would need to pay a ransom if they wanted the affected part of the system to be restored. The attack was stopped before any emergency services were affected. The town stated that they acquired help from outside sources who told them to pay the ransom, which is an odd move for the company. Most companies decide not to pay ransom, especially when the affected parts of the system are not part of the emergency systems. The town did not state how much the ransom was but did say that they were in the midst of acquiring the bitcoin to pay. It is uncertain at this time if the attacker will unlock the system or take the money and run.