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Trickbot Prepares to Endure the Waves

In a follow up report for Bleeping computer, Ionut Ilascu reported on the recent joint announcements by ESET and Microsoft in their ongoing operation to disrupt the Trickbot botnet. The announcement concerning their “rolling” disruption efforts was initially met with praise but as it has since been met with much skepticism by outside organizations and independent researchers alike. As these operations follow in step with the alleged actions taken by US Cyber Command back in September, many analysts agree that the effectiveness of these efforts remain to be seen. Malicious spam campaigns have continued unabated and companies are still falling victim to the threat.

Analyst Notes

This is an ongoing story, and more will develop as the weeks go on. With that in mind the long-term strategy being taken against Trickbot with its current partnerships by Microsoft and ESET the potential for meaningful effects are there. However, it should be said that the Trickbot gang is very adept, well-funded, and persistent. There is very little chance that until the gang is completely brought down, this effort will be the end of Trickbot and its operators.
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