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Turkish Hackers Continue to Taunt India Even as Tensions Die Down

Ayyildiz Tim: Members of Ayyildiz Tim took control of Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter account.  After taking control of the account, the hackers changed the photo to that of Pakistani Prime Minister Amran Khan.  Prior to Mr. Bachchan regaining control of the account, the group also took time to post several tweets which called out the Indian government for their supposed mistreatment of Muslims, as well as several messages in support of Pakistan.  Ayyildiz Tim had begun targeting India several months ago when tensions between India and Pakistan were high.  Tensions have since de-escalated and relations between India and Pakistan have returned to normal.  It is unclear why Ayyildiz Tim chose now to target India again.  In one of the tweets, Ayyildiz Tim makes reference to India attacking Muslims during Ramadan, although it is unclear what they were making reference to.  India did launch raids in Kashmir late last week, however, Ramadan ended on June 3rd.  Attacks by Ayyildiz Tim tend to take place in waves of activity before going quiet again.

Analyst Notes

It is possible that we will see several more attacks on social media profiles and website defacements before the group goes quiet again.