New Threat Research: The Client/Server Relationship — A Match Made In Heaven 

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TV Licensing Phishing Campaign

Posing as the UK’s Television Licensing agency, a phishing email has received 5,000 complaints over the course of three months. Subject lines that are used to trick victims include “correct your licensing information,” “billing information update”, and “renew now.” If the link is followed to the fraudulent page it will ask users to input personal information. It is unclear at this time how many victims there are and who is behind the attack. However, TV Licensing has issued a statement explaining that they will not email their customers in an attempt to receive payment.

Analyst Notes

If users believe they’ve received a phishing email they should delete it immediately. If they fall victim to clicking the link they should not input the information that it asks for. If information is inputted, fraud agencies should be contacted as soon as possible.