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Twitter Bans Thedarkoverlord Over 9/11 Papers

Twitter has banned Thedarkoverlord over their release of the “9/11 Papers.”  Twitter recently initiated new rules against sharing stolen files and is clearly not afraid to enforce the newly-enacted rule.  Thedarkoverlord released payment plans yesterday for their clients to have their files released as well as public payment plans so that the public could fund releases of small amounts of data.  Over the evening, the first two tiers of public releases were funded, resulting in the release of 50 random pages from the stolen documents.  Even though the group was banned from Twitter, they still have multiple other platforms from which they are able to communicate–including their use of the darknet forum Kickass, and the clearnet site Steemit.  The group continues to say that this will be a bigger release than the Snowden files and the Panama Papers if the entirety of the stolen files are made public.