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U.S. Charges Against Assange May Surprise Hacktivists

Anonymous (OpAssange): The United States released a new indictment against Julian Assange with includes 18 charges that may surprise most hacktivists.  While much of the outrage from hacktivists stems from their perception that the U.S. interest in Assange comes from his release of aerial footage of civilians being killed by U.S. forces.  The indictment makes no mention of the footage but instead brings charges against Mr. Assange for aiding Chelsea Manning in compromising classified data and the publishing of the full names of intelligence assets in Iraq and Afghanistan publicly, putting them and their families at risk.  If found guilty, Mr. Assange faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, although a spokesman for the Department of Justice said that federal sentences are typically less than the maximum.

Analyst Notes

Hacktivist chatter over the coming days will likely be very telling what lies ahead for OpAssange now that the charges have been made public and they do not fall in line with what many believed he would be charged with.