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U.S. Request for the Extradition of Julian Assange Quickly Followed by Cyber Threats

June 12, 2019

Anonymous (NewSec Group): The U.S. Department of Justice formally requested the extradition of Julian Assange this week.  While the request is not a surprise, it still has many up in arms.  Shortly following the announcement of the U.S. request, NewSec Group, an offshoot of Anonymous, posted targeting data for organizations within the United States.  NewSec group has participated in multiple attacks on the U.K. and Ecuador following Mr. Assange’s arrest.  So far, the organizations which have been targeted have been educational institutions.  NewSec Group have also been a major supporter of OpSudan, which has heavily targeted the Sudanese government.  In many of the campaigns that NewSec Group have been part of, they have tended to focus on defacing and DDoSing the websites of educational institutions as well as smaller government offices.

Analyst Notes

It is likely that the group will follow a similar pattern if OpAssange continues, as Mr. Assange’s extradition is under consideration.