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UK Metropolitan Police Targeted by Hacker

A user who goes by the name “Cal” or the Twitter handle @cal086 is being blamed in the attack of the UK Metropolitan Police department. Cal086 has been known in the past to target high-profile Twitter accounts like the ones used for Fortnite and KoolAid and has continued his attack. The attacker and his group are believed to be in their late teens or early twenties and live in the US. The Metropolitan police say that while the attack was underway and tweets were being sent from their account, they were contacted by someone who has had numerous amounts of contact with Cal and says that the attack fits his style. The tweets talked about different things, including talking about freeing a rapper who is believed to be in Metropolitan police custody.

Analyst Notes

There is no proof at this time that Cal is behind the attack but based on the attack style and the context of the tweets, it is likely that he or someone from his group carried out the attack. Attacks such as Twitter defacements and takeovers will always be a method for people to protest and spread their message, especially with the low amount of security most people have protecting their Twitter and/or password.